Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Resurrection morning ... again!

It was early that first morning of the week when one of Jesus’ dearest friends comes to the tomb. Mary came with certain expectations. Her soul was already wrapped in grief. This was a difficult journey at best. She came expecting to find the body not a person … she expected to anoint a dead friend not encounter a risen Savior. Because of her expectations she couldn’t understand, couldn’t perceive a different reality.

“He is not here,” was the news that greeted her. You can almost hear her shout, through the agony of tear filled eyes, “I can see that he isn’t here. I’m not stupid! Somebody has come in the night and stolen the body. Who would be so cruel as to rob a grave? Help me, please, help me!” She felt so lost, abandoned, forgotten, angry over his death and now this! It was just too much to handle emotionally.

So deep was her grief that when she was encountered by Jesus she couldn’t see him. Engulfed in her pain Mary Magdalene was emotionally and physically distraught. What would it take to cut through this fog of the spirit? “Mary,” he said and it was instant daylight. It wasn’t until he called her by her name that she came into the reality of resurrection morning.

It was in the aisles of a Tampa K-Mart that the salvation story was played out once again. The little girl was maybe 4 years old. She was wandering through the various racks of clothes as she desperately called, “Mommy!” But mommy wasn’t there. “Mommy” she cried out again. This time louder and more desperate she felt abandoned, forgotten and very much alone.

A salesperson came to the rescue and brought her to the service desk. Other store personnel and security staff quickly surrounded her. Now came the grief and tears. “What is your name?” they asked. “Where is your mommy?” Somebody produced a teddy bear while somebody else came with an ice cream cone. Nothing could stop the ever-increasing flow of tears and grief.

All of a sudden her head jerked up … her eyes widened ... from the farthest reaches of the story came the faint call … “Susan?” The adults involved didn’t hear the call, but Susan did. “Susan!” It was a little louder now. Susan sat straight up … the tears stopped … her ears were listening more intently now. “Susan!” … the caller was closer … everybody heard it now. “Susan!” and with that the little lost 4 year old girl jumped off the counter and ran into the arms of her mommy. There, by a flashing blue light, in the aisle of a local K-Mart, in the most unlikely place of all, the salvation story was played out. It was resurrection morning all over again!

Somebody knew her name! Somebody important was calling out for her! Somebody was looking for her! “Susan!” “Mary!” … your name … my name … and resurrection morning happens once again!

Quote for today: “The best news the world has ever had came from a graveyard near Jerusalem.” Author unknown

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