Friday, April 9, 2010

Get Excited!

It was an unbelievable statement. I had just complimented the senior minister on his Easter sermon. It was delivered with great enthusiasm and excitement – which was outside of his normal style of preaching. His response is what stopped me: “Well, it is Easter. The resurrection is almost something to get excited about.” Almost? Unbelievable!

A song by the Gaither Vocal Band states it best: “Get all excited go tell everybody that Jesus Christ is King, get all excited go tell everybody that Jesus Christ is King, why don't you get all excited go tell everybody that Jesus Christ is King, Jesus Christ is still the King of king's … You talk about people you talk about things that really they aren't important at all you talk about the weather you talk about problems that we have here at home and abroad. Well my friend I'm excited about a solution......? Jesus Christ is still the King of kings.”

It is interesting what we get excited about – Tiger Woods returned to golf and people got excited; Duke won the National Championship in basketball and people got excited; Jimmy Johnson won another NASCAR race and people got excited; Sandra Bullock won an Oscar and people got excited; a politician wins a race, a great dinner is experienced, a good movie is seen, a pay raise is given, a compliment is offered, a child is born, a marriage is performed, a new car is purchased, warm weather returns, a trip is planned, house guests are received … and people get excited as they should … because life is filled with exciting moments to celebrate.

Each excitable moment adds something of meaning to one’s existence. They lift the spirit, warms the heart, and somehow, makes us feel special … important … unique … different. The Sun shines brighter, there is a new spring in our steps and life is a little bit sweeter … filled with joy and happiness.

Could it be that all of these “excitable moments” are a direct result of Jesus’ resurrection? After all it does say in scripture that Jesus sits at the right hand of God and “holds all things together.” I like to believe that it means that nothing important or special – nothing at all – could happen and have meaning without his presence holding it together. Now, that IS something to get excited about! And thus, we are Easter people and Allelujia is our song!

Quote for today: “Enthusiams is more contagious than the measles or chicken pox. Once you have it, it will spread to your family and your church.” Zig Ziglar

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