Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Live life like you never have lived before

The church sign read, “Live as if Christ died yesterday, rose today and will be returning tomorrow.” The words that cause pause were the ones – “live as if …” because they reminded me of a pastor during my formative years who was constantly asking the question, “If you had only one day left to live how would you live it?” That is a rather sobering thought … just one more day!

We often revisit the concept about what we would do different if we had our life to live over again. This process usually includes a list of decisions that had been made that turned out less than we had expected. It is like playing the game, “What if …” What if I had gone to college? What if I had majored in a different subject? What if I had moved or not moved? What if we had more children? What if I had taken this job and not that one? What if … What if … What if … It can drive you crazy.

But the church sign, like my home church pastor, seems to be asking a different question totally. Live as if the total reality of Jesus’ death, resurrection and second coming was real, totally here and now. Live as if you really believed the story. Live as if it meant something to you. Live as if it makes a difference.

After Easter it is just too easy to slip back into our daily routines … as if the entire Easter story was just that – a story – with having little to no impact upon our lives. But, in further review of the church sign, I am beginning to wonder what would happen in a community or church if just one person would begin to live their life “as if Christ died yesterday, rose today and will be returning tomorrow”? Just wandering … just wandering with a hopeful heart and an expecting spirit …

Dear Lord, may I be that one individual in my community and church. Amen.

Quote for today: “Well, what did you make of it?” The one and only question that Studdert-Kennedy believes God will ask when we stand before the Almighty

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