Sunday, April 18, 2010

Providence of God

It goes by numerous names or phrases – predestination, fate, destiny, kismet, appointment with destiny, by accident, chance, and predetermined course of events - I prefer to call it the Providence of God. Further, I like to embrace the concept that nothing good happens in life outside of God’s providence … not in that God manipulates people, places or things simply to make certain things happen, but God is capable of using the circumstances of our lives to bring about divine blessings beyond our understanding.

I look back over my life and simply marvel how God, in his wisdom, caused me to be where I was or in association with certain people, because of the challenges I was facing at the time. Or, for some unexplained reason I felt the urge to just “swing by and pay a visit with someone” or “just pick up the phone can call a person” only to hear them declare, “God must of sent you” or “How did you know that I needed my pastor” or “You are just the person I needed to see or hear from” or a thousand other similar types of statements – the Providence of God? Or chance, fate, a random accident of events? Has this ever happened with you, to you?

It is possible to accept the concept that we are just kind of traveling through time and space with God simply being entertained by our activities with little concern with what happens to us or if God was concerned not having the ability to get directly involved. It is possible to believe this and many do, but for me I would much prefer to believe that God really cares about me and my life to the point that he desires to get directly involved via the means of other people and/or events. To quote the Holy Book: “All things work to good to those who love the Lord.” (Romans 8:28).

When I relaxed enough or got spiritually connected and started to pay attention – some interesting things began to happen … good things, great things, happy things, life-fulfilling things … providential things – God events! Listen to your heart, pay attention to the people who are being brought into your life and you just might begin to discover what God is doing in your life – it is amazing!

Quote for today: “The story of my life – I was finally in the right place at the right time but they lost my reservation!” The Born Loser comic strip

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