Monday, September 16, 2013

Protected by God (Psalm 141:9)

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 141:9 (TM)
Protect me from their evil scheming, from all their demonic subterfuge.

STORY as told by K. Hughes:
It was Christmas Eve 1875 and Ira Sankey was traveling on a Delaware River steamboat when he was recognized by some of the passengers. His picture had been in the newspaper because he was the song leader for the famous evangelist D.L. Moody. They asked him to sing one of his own hymns, but Sankey demurred, saying that he preferred to sing William B. Bradbury's hymn, "Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us." As he sang, one of the stanzas began, "We are Thine; do Thou befriend us. Be the Guardian of our way."
When he finished, a man stepped from the shadows and asked, "Did you ever serve in the Union Army?" 
"Yes," Mr. Sankey answered, "in the spring of 1860." 
"Can you remember if you were doing picket duty on a bright, moonlit night in 1862?" 
"Yes," Mr. Sankey answered, very much surprised. 
"So did I, but I was serving in the Confederate army. When I saw you standing at your post, I thought to myself, 'That fellow will never get away alive.' I raised my musket and took aim. I was standing in the shadow, completely concealed, while the full light of the moon was falling upon you. At that instant, just as a moment ago, you raised your eyes to heaven and began to sing...'Let him sing his song to the end,' I said to myself, 'I can shot him afterwards. He's my victim at all events, and my bullet cannot miss him.' But the song you sang then was the song you sang just now. I heard the words perfectly: 'We are Thine; do Thou befriend us. Be the Guardian of our way.' Those words stirred up many memories. I began to think of my childhood and my God-fearing mother. She had many times sung that song to me. When you had finished your song, it was impossible for me to take aim again. I thought, 'The Lord who is able to save that man from certain death must surely be great and mighty.' And my arm of its own accord dropped limp at my side." 

We come into this world needing protection. We live each day of our life needing protection. We come to the end of our life still needing protection. Never a day goes by that protection is not required.

David was on the run. He feared for his life. He was hiding in a cave. The words to his psalm speaks to his trust in God to protect him from everyone who would do him harm.

A child usually lives their life with abandonment – carefree. They don’t turn to their mother or father until they thick they are being threatened or something strange happens. What they probably never realize is that their parents stands vigil constantly, ever on the watch for anything and anyone who would do harm to their precious young child.

God, as our heavenly parent, treats us with the same intensity. God is ever on the watch. Do we trust God enough to be our protector? It is a matter of trust. Are we willing to trust God in all circumstances? Or is our mindset one that embraces, “Trust God and pass the ammunition”?

Surround us with your protection. Remind us often of that protection. Help us to rely on your protection. 

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