Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In memory of Kofi Awoonor - one of the victims of the Kenya's Westgate Mall killing.

In memory of Kofi Awoonor, poet, author, teacher, diplomat, whose senseless death in the Kenya’s Westgate Mall killing this past weekend leaves the world less wise and longing for a voice that tried to make sense for all for all of humanity.

On this dirty patch

a tree once stood

shedding incense on the infant corn:

its boughs stretched across a heaven

brightened by the last fires of a tribe.

They sent surveyors and builders

who cut that tree

planting in its place

A huge senseless cathedral of doom.

P.S. And here is a warning before “those” emails start arriving in the in-box. The terrorist who brought on the massacre of innocent lives call themselves Muslims, but it obvious that they are not adheres of the teachings of the Koran.  We like lumping everybody together in one singular group. Parallel of sorts would be the Westboro Baptist Church who protest at veteran funerals and the like. I refuse to allow them to define Christianity for me. Their understanding of Christianity isn’t anywhere near my understanding of grace, mercy and love. Actually, it isn’t even in the same city let alone the same ballpark. So before we go off and lump all Muslims together with those who picked up guns and shot anyone who couldn’t recite verses from the Koran let us be determined to be one of those who are trying to change the dialogue of hate and misunderstanding between people of different faiths and religions. 

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