Monday, September 23, 2013

Needing help from others and from God (Psalm 3:8)

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 3:8 (TM)
Real help comes from God. Your blessing clothes your people!

William C. Schultz shares: People need people. Laurie was about three when one night she requested my aid in getting undressed. I was downstairs and she was upstairs, and ... well. "You know how to undress yourself," I reminded. "Yes," she explained, 'but sometimes people need people anyway, even if they do know how to do things by themselves." 
Admitting that we need help is hard for most people. We have a “can do” spirit imbedded in our psyche. From an early age we strained against the barriers of parental control. Every parent alive hears “I can do it myself,” and then… that child becomes an adult.

If we continue to carry that attitude of self-sufficiency, go-it-alone mindset, I-can-do-it-myself arrogance … we are going to be in trouble. God didn’t design us to be on our own. God desires to be involved in our life. God set up a set of parameters that should cause us to turn to him on a regular basis for help and guidance… the source of our real help.

Spiritual maturity is the discovery of the truth about God’s design for living. He designed us to lean on each other and on him. He created us to function as a village – not as single independent people, but as a people living in relationship with one another, caring, sharing, lifting … together. “Sometimes people need people anyway,” even when we know how to do something. 

It is obvious that we really do need you and if it isn’t make it obvious to us today.

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