Monday, March 31, 2014

Dealing with "moral midgets" (Psalm 36:11)

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 36:11 (TM) – larger reading Psalm 36
Don't let the bullies kick me around, the moral midgets slap me down.

Edward Gibbon, author of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, has attributed the fall of the Empire to:
1. The rapid increase of divorce; the undermining of the dignity and sanctity of the home, which is the basis of human society.
2. Higher and higher taxes and the spending of public monies for free bread and circuses for the populace.
3. The mad craze for pleasure; sports becoming every year more exciting and more brutal.
4. The building of gigantic armaments when the real enemy was within, the decadence of the people.
5. The decay of religion -- faith fading into mere form, losing touch with life and becoming impotent to warn and guide the people.

The moral decay is ever increasing throughout the world. Those choosing the easier way through this world are nothing more than the “moral midgets” spoken of by the psalmist. It is much harder to press on to the higher ground and take a stand.

I can assure you from personal experience it will not be popular. The names that will be wrapped around our shoulders can cause much heartache. The initial response will be an attempt to defend ones position. Painfully I’ve learned the lesson that the minute you start to defend or justify a particular position you have lost the footing of the moral high ground.

Simply stating what you believe and why is all that is needed. Let those “moral midgets” attack and wag their tongues. In the full scope of the spiritual journey that is all that is necessary.

A case in point has been over the issue of gun control in America. On Facebook I simply asked for someone, anyone to explanation why we are so in love with guns. I got responses of various degrees, but no real explanation. I really don’t believe that there is a real explanation… a true explanation… an explanation that comes from a moral and God centered high ground.

As The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire reminds us, lessons from history if not learned will end up to be our undoing. For me at least, Lent is a time for taking inventory of the moral issues which govern and guide us. It is a time of measuring ourselves and our positions against those placed before us by God through Jesus Christ.

It is either that or just continuing to allow the “moral midgets” to kick us around.


We are guilty Lord of moral creep. We’ve allowed the influence of our society and our desires to shape who we view life and our relationship with you. Shake our foundations. Disturb our sleep. Do not allow our spirit to rest until we find our rest in you.

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