Saturday, January 19, 2013

Update on Pastor Jim Martin

I've been asked, "Where I am?" ... I failed to inform my regular readers that I would be on vacation until February 4th ... Many things were pushing me - mental and physical exhaustion, a forthcoming family vacation that needed a lot of last minute details wrapped up, trying to complete a ton of work for my church for the weeks that I would be away, and some quiet time trying to discern the direction God wanted me to take with my preaching ministry at Family of God Church (btw, nothing has come to me yet) ... all of this came together this week and I just had to say: STOP!

Your prayers would be greatly appreciated because when I return from the vacation I am looking at a biopsy on my throat. Surgeon is not greatly concerned, but he is concerned enough that he wanted us to go in this particular direction.

JohnJennifer ... thanks for asking about me. Your concern is deeply appreciated. I will "see" everyone on Monday, February 4th ... if not sooner - who knows God just might push (nudge) me in a new direction.

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