Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Okay, what do we really want? What are we after? (John 1:38).

SCRIPTURE: John 1:38 (TM)
Jesus looked over his shoulder and said to them, "What are you after?" … NIV: has Jesus asking: “What do you want?”

A storekeeper in Maine refused to buy a salesman's wares. "You must remember, young fellow," he said, "that in this part of the country every want ain't a need."

“What are (we) after?” … “What do (we) want?” Boy, what a loaded question! If we only knew!?! If we did we would be well on our way to spiritual maturity.

We get confused between our “wants” and our “needs”. This confusion keeps us tied up in knots. And so, we “buy” into whatever comes our way that sounds plausible or halfway spiritual … thus the popularity of many of the radio and TV preachers.

We buy their books, CDs, and whatever else they are peddling. It sounds THAT good! We buy into it all … until something else comes along because what we accepted as being plausible and spiritual turns out to be empty words and meaningless theology. Just plain out cheap grace from the realm of “name it and claim it” thinking.

If we really knew what we needed or even desired we would be more than halfway along our journey. And yet, Jesus still asks the question and he still expects an answer. Do we have one that he will accept?

My spirit did not jump when their names were used. Actually it did just the opposite. My stomach turned with discomfort. Something didn’t seem right. When they returned it was with the attitude: “We’re here now use us!” So I did what any pastor would do … right? No, I simply waited to see if their real spirit would be reveal and in time it did. Since the red carpet wasn’t rolled out for them; since we didn’t praise them for their musical talent and service at every turn; since we didn’t put them to doing that which would bring attention to them … they returned where “they were be appreciated” (her words).

“What do we want?” “What are we after?” Is it a closer walk with God? Is it a deeper spiritual journey? Is it to be a servant of the King and his kingdom? Now that is the real question …

Help us Lord to allow your spirit to bring focus to our spirit so that we will seek your kingdom. 

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