Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It is certain … we live a life of uncertainty (Psalm 106:2)

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 106:2 (TM) - larger reading Psalm 106:4-12
We've sinned a lot, both we and our parents; We've fallen short, hurt a lot of people.

A young man rushed into a service station to use the telephone. “Sir, do you have  need of a young boy to work for you?” he was heard to inquire. “You don’t! You’ve already got a good boy? Thank you, sir.”

With that he hung up the receiver and started to leave, whistling merrily.

The attendant was surprised. “Why are you whistling after you heard they already have a good boy and do not need you? What makes you so happy?” “Well,” said the boy, “I’m the good boy that they’ve got, and I was just checking on my job.”

One thing is certain – we live a life of uncertainty. Living a life of certainty is much easier when you discover the secret that the Master approves. We get into trouble (or at least I do) when we become uncertain. Doubt is produced. We try to manipulate the situation and others. We end up “picking up our marbles” and going home… not mad, just uncertain. Result? Sin on the grand scale.

The warning is often heard: be careful not to fall victim to other’s manipulative ways for if you do they will hold you hostage every time. Fingers point. Accusations are leveled. Money is withheld. They run away to other situation and blame you. BINGO … they’ve got you and uncertainty enters the picture. Can sin be far behind? We could point to our parents – it is their fault… if only they had been different… we are JUST following their example… while true, that doesn’t give us a “get out of jail” card.

Trust the instincts that God has planted deep within the soul. Follow those instincts. Live into that reality. Don’t be stubborn or stupid about the situation. Do what can be done to bring about reconciliation and healing, but when all is done then leave the rest to the Master… after all it is he that is charge.

Allow the Holy Spirit to place a fence of protection around the soul. Then live with the song of victory upon the lips and certainty in the heart. Then you too will be able to whistle the tune of happiness!


Help me Lord not to let the games played by others to rip the carpet from underneath me. Plant my feet on solid ground with a determination of certainty of resolve deep within my soul.

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