Thursday, April 3, 2014

Just to touch his hem (Luke 8:48)

SCRIPTURE: Luke 8:48 (TM) – larger reading Luke 8:40-56
Jesus said, "Daughter, you took a risk trusting me, and now you're healed and whole. Live well, live blessed!"

From unknown author:
Trust Him when dark doubts assail thee,
Trust Him when thy strength is small,
Trust Him when to simply trust Him
Seems the hardest thing of all.
Trust Him, He is ever faithful,
Trust Him, for his will is best,
Trust Him, for the heart of Jesus
Is the only place of rest.

A woman, a very sick woman, worked her way through the crowd. “If only,” she thought, “if only.” She finally got close enough to stretch out and touch… just a quick, simple touch… it was just a touch of his hem… just a touch. Instantly her life changed. After a long painful history she was whole again.

Twelve years of hemorrhaging was over. The blood flow had stopped. No more being the outcast. No more pain. No more feelings of being ashamed. It was over. At long last it was finally over.

But then Jesus stopped. He wanted to know who touched him. How could he tell? The crowd was huge. People shoving and pushing. How could he tell? But he could. Who touched him? Others were touching him, but this woman, this hurting sick woman, her touch was different. There was a physical and emotional need. Her touch was different and Jesus knew.

She trusted Jesus to do for her what no one else could do. She trusted Jesus. He was her last best hope. She, who was an untouchable, reached out to touch. Now she was whole… and Jesus knew.

Where is the hemorrhage in our life? Where do we need healing? Do we trust him enough to fight the crowds just so we can reach out to touch the hem of his garment?


Our life is so often a wreck. The life is simply pouring out of us. We do not know where else to turn. We have tried everything. Nothing has worked. We want to touch… just the hem. That is all we need. You are all we need.

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