Thursday, August 15, 2013

When the cheering stops (Matthew 8:17)

SCRIPTURE: Matthew 8:17 (TM)
He fulfilled Isaiah's well-known sermon: He took our illnesses, He carried our diseases.

George W. Truett tells the following story: There was a fire in the big city, and the firemen flung their ladders together, and went up in their brave fashion to the very topmost story to rescue the people that were trapped. One after another was rescued by the brave firemen. 

All had been rescued, it seemed, No! As the firemen looked up they saw a white face at the most upper window. They wrapped something about one of their firemen, and, breasting the fierce flames, he went again to that window, and put a robe around the little woman and started down. 

Then they saw him tremble as the fire raged around him, and it seemed that he would fall with his precious burden, but the fire chief cried to his men: “Cheer him, boys! Cheer him, boys!”

And they cheered him with words of encouragement as he came down with the precious life saved. 

What happens when the cheering stops and we are left to face life’s trials by ourselves? What happens when the doctor says, “We’ve done all that we can do”? What happens when all hopes seems lost? When there is no place else to turn? When all of our friends have left us? Where do we go? To whom do we turn?

When I a poor lost sinner before the Lord did fall
And in the name of Jesus for pardon loud did call
He heard my supplication and soon the weak was strong
For Jesus took my burden and left with me a song

Yes Jesus took my burden I could no longer bear
Yes Jesus took my burden in answer to my prayer
My anxious fears subsided my spirit was made strong
For Jesus took my burden and left me with a song

Oft-times the way is dreary and rugged seems the road

Oft-times I’m weak and weary when bent beneath some load

But when I cry in weakness how long O Lord how long

Jesus takes the burden and leaves me with a song

When I was crushed with sorrow I bowed in deep despair

My load of grief and heartache seemed more than I could bear

Twas then I heard a whisper you to the Lord belong

Then Jesus took my burden and left me with a song

I’ll trust Him for the future He knoweth all the way
For with His eye He’ll guide me along life’s pilgrim way
And I will tell in heaven while ages roll along
How Jesus took my burden and left me with a song

We need the song today morning than ever. The cheering has stopped. There is no one standing on the sidelines. We feel so abandoned. Give us the song that will lift our spirit and bring hope back into our life. 

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