Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lesson learned from a sweater - a story

In the preparation phase for Sunday’s sermon I came across this illustration. It was too good to pass up and try as I may it just didn’t work in the sermon… so here it is as a part of my blog. I hope you find as much insight in it as I did.

Lesson Learned From A Sweater by Karen Morerod

In Decision magazine some time ago, Karen Morerod wrote about shopping in a store for a sweater. She was looking for one at minimal cost, so she went to the clearance rack. As she flipped through the sweaters, one caught her eye. It was the right color and the right size, and best of all, the price tag was marked $8.00. Without much more thought, Karen made her purchase.

At home she slipped on the sweater. Its texture was like silk. She had made her purchase so quickly that she hadn’t noticed how smooth and elegant the sweater was. Then she saw the original price tag: $124.00! 

Karen writes, "I gasped. I had never owned any clothing of that value. I had come home with what I thought was a 'cheap buy,' but the original price was quite high. I had been oblivious to its value." 

Then Karen concludes her article with these words: "Just as with my sweater, I have often treated the power of Jesus’ blood like a 'cheap purchase.' [God’s] grace, though free to me, carried a high price tag – the life of his very own Son." 

My friends, when we realize the price God paid to set us free from a wasted life, we can’t help but want to live lives worthy of such love.

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