Monday, March 18, 2013

Fearless living (Psalm 56:4).

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 56:4 (TM)
I'm proud to praise God; fearless now, I trust in God. What can mere mortals do?

If power could deliver us from fear, then Joseph Stalin should have been fearless. Instead, this infamous Russian premier was afraid to go to bed. He had seven different bedrooms. Each could be locked as tightly as a safe. In order to foil any would-be assassins, he slept in a different one each night. Five chauffeur-driven limousines transported him wherever he went, each with curtains closed so no one would know which contained Stalin. So deep-seated were his apprehensions that he employed a servant whose sole task was to monitor and protect his tea bags.

What does it cost to believe? Nothing much other than just our life!

Living fearlessly isn’t easy, but oh the shear joy that a fearless life brings to the soul. Too often our spirits are paralyzed by some hidden fear. Don’t think so? Then just look around – you can see it in the faces of the fearful. They are sad. Always questioning the motives of others. They hardly smile. And they are normally people racked in pain keeping the doctors in business.

Fearless living doesn’t end the need for medical attention, but as Dr. Bernie Segal joyfully points out a happy heart dispels many illnesses and frees the person to live more completely.

If God is for us what and who do we have to fear?

And our Lenten journey continues …

We believe Lord, help our unbelief and free us from all of our fears!

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