Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meet me in the middle in this season of political season of discontent.

There is a song, “Meet Me In The Middle,” whose lyrics have kept running through my head during this politicial season of discontent: By the way, I pulled this off the internet and the spacing is not correct, so I apologize to the author ... 
Well, I could be persuaded, yes I could
Ask me very nicely if I would
Wait to get an answer (and you will)
Wait a little longer 'til you get my bill.
 Time is of the essence, all in all
Catch me at my weakest, up against the wall
Of good intentions, which were mine
When you didn't like it I was out of time.
 Don't go to extremes, no no
Don't go to extremes.
Just meet me in the middle.
Give a little credit where it's due
You know that I would always do the same for you
And all I wanted was to hear it said
I wasn't gonna let it go to my head.
 Don't go to extremes, no no
Don't go to extremes.
Just meet me in the middle
That's all I ask
Meet me in the middle
Is it such a task.
Halfway wrong, halfway right 
Halfway left and then out of sight
Out of mind, out of line
I was all lined up like a sitting duck
So come on, well come on.
Meet me, meet me
Meet me in the middle
Why don't you meet me in the middle
In the middle of the road.
Never did expect to feel this way
Never did intend it turning out this way
Never meant you harm, not a single thought
Never was malicious and look what I got.
 Every accusation that was thrown on me
Based on no foundation and you just don't see
Lest you think we've gotten to the very end
Well, everything that goes around comes around again.
Don't go to extremes, no no
Don't go to extremes
Don't go to extremes, no no
Don't go.
Meet me in the middle
Why don't you meet me in the middle 
In the middle of the road
Well, meet me in the middle
Middle, yeah yeah.
 Just meet me in the middle
That's all I ask
Meet me in the middle
Is it such a, such a task (meet me in the middle)
Given all the horrible rhetoric that is being passed out in the name of patriotism recently I have felt that I am caught in some horrible twilight zone and cannot escape. I am deeply concerned about the multi-millionaires who are trying to buy political office for their idealogy.
 I am deeply concerned about the extremely vocal minority who think if they shout something loud enough, long enough that it becomes true. I am deeply concerned about those individuals who make up the political right and left who believe that they have the only answers for our future. I am deeply concerned that the America I’ve come to love and appreciate won’t be around for my grandchildren to enjoy.

We need saner minds and voices … we need individuals on both sides of the political aisle and along main street America who are willing and committed to “meet in the middle.” As both Eisenhower and Nixon believed, according to David Eisenhower and Julie Nixon, that the only way to lead this nation successfully is from the middle then we should elect men and women who are willing and are ready to compromise, giving up some of their long cherished ideas, to work with others that they disagree with … as they meet in the middle.
We are now a nation of extremes, but those people found within the extremes cannot govern because they are not willing to meet others in the middle. If, like a married couple, they only hold on to what they believe to be true – their version of reality – then divorce is the only option and civil discourse no longer takes place.

We’ve been here before as a country and the results were not pretty. Remember the hatred during the Viet Nam war? Remember the hatred during the race riots? Remember what happened to the country when we were divided along north and south lines over the issue of slavery? Remember? Do we really want to return to those days? Or … we can start meeting each other in the middle … we can start listening to each other again … we can begin to restore some sanity to our discourse about the problems that our great nation is facing … we can, once again, get back to working for what is best for everyone and not just for a few … we can begin to meet each other in the middle … yes, we can … if we really want to.

Tonight children in various costumes will go door-to-door as they trick-or-treat. The lights on our porches will be turned on and candy will be passed out. Isn’t that just another name for political campaigns? If we don’t give them the treats (our votes) they want then we are threatened by some nasty tricks. They are all wearing some scary masks – they appear to be something until they are elected.

Or, as Rick Hotton, in his comic strip Holy Mole, stated on October 21, 2010 – “When you stick to your position, you will never meet in the middle.”

Now is the time and today is the hour for all good men and women to step up to assist our nation to regain some sanity and meet each other in the middle … before it is too late.

Quote for today: Patriotism is not a short and frenzied burst of emotion but the long and steady dedication of a lifetime.  Thomas Jefferson

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