Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Christ comes unexpectedly (Luke 12:40), but are we waiting and are we expecting him to come?

SCRIPTURE: Luke 12:40 (NIV)
The Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.

The book The World's Worst Predictions lists some of history's all-time prophetic goof.
King George II said in 1773 that the American colonies had little stomach for revolution.
An official of the White Star Line, speaking of the firm's newly built flagship, the Titanic, launched in 1912, declared that the ship was unsinkable.
In 1939 The New York Times said the problem of TV was that people had to glue their eyes to a screen, and that the average American wouldn't have time for it.
An English astronomy professor said in the early 19th century that air travel at high speed would be impossible because passengers would suffocate.

Well, the prophecy in Luke couldn’t be included in the above list. Because, even though a lot of people read this as predicting the Second Coming of Christ, the reality is that Christ will break into someone’s life at an hour and at a time that that individual neither can predict nor anticipate. He has come into people’s lives at various times and in numerous ways since he walked along the Sea of Galilee.

You see, I leave the Second Coming “stuff” up to other people. In fact, my normal response when asked about this subject, is: “I will start worrying about the Second Coming when I can get more people believing that he came the first time.”

An individual, who had just come into a living relationship with Christ, declared that he thought he had been ambushed. He never saw it coming even though he had been preparing for this breakthrough over the course of a number of years. When the stage of his heart was all set … BINGO … Christ came waltzing in and his life has never been the same since.

When we least expect it we are surprised by joy! We cannot plan for it. We cannot work for it. We cannot anticipate it. We cannot orchestrate it. We cannot announce the date or time. He comes on his terms and when he is ready. All we can do is make ourselves ready and willing.

The BIG question is this: Are we praying for it to happen? Are we anticipating it to happen?

Oh, you say, it already has happened on such-and-such date. Okay, but does that mean that Christ cannot come in a fresh and unexpected way now? We better watch out because we never know!

Come on Christ and surprise us!

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