Friday, June 22, 2012

The role of emotions in our relationship with God as well as in the movies - Joel 2:13 along with a quote from Max Lucado.

SCRIPTURE: Joel 2:13 (GN)
“Let your broken heart show your sorrow; tearing your clothes is not enough." Come back to the Lord your God. He is kind and full of mercy; he is patient and keeps his promise; he is always ready to forgive and not punish.

STORY as shared by James S. Flora:
A group of motion-picture engineers classified the following as the ten most dramatic sounds in the movies: a baby's first cry; the blast of a siren; the thunder of breakers on rocks; the roar of a forest fire; a foghorn; the slow drip of water; the galloping of horses; the sound of a distant train whistle; the howl of a dog; the wedding march. And one of these sounds causes more emotional response and upheaval than any other, has the power to bring forth almost every human emotion: sadness, envy, regret, sorrow, tears, as well as supreme joy. It is the wedding march.  
What stirs our emotions? The motion picture industry has discovered how to manipulate our emotions through sounds. And when those sounds are linked to images it becomes a powerful tool to control the viewer. Emotions are powerful. Is that why many go to great lengths to hide their emotions?

Here I’m thinking of my father. He was easily stirred emotionally by what he saw on TV and yet, he never allowed those emotions to find expression outwardly. The tears would be there in his eyes, but would be quickly brushed aside, wiped away, denied and forgotten. We never really got to see that side of his personality. And rarely did we witness him being affectionate towards mom … because men were not supposed to have emotions! It was some stupid ideal of being strong, manly or some crazy notion of another era.

When carry this notion over into our relationship with God we can get into trouble. As Joel states, “Let your broken heart show your sorrow…” Let it be known. Let it be seen. Let our guard down and let the emotions flow naturally from the depths of our being. It is the only thing that can breakdown the barriers that have been built between God and us.

I have often wondered how many men have kept the living Lord at arms length because they are afraid of their emotions. And even further, I have often wondered how many women fail to understand because they approach the relationship solely based on emotions. Now, before everyone comments … yes, I know that these are huge generalities painted with massive brush strokes because there are men who show emotions and there are women who are deep thinkers … but I was just wondering … generally speaking that is.

Spiritual healing includes the heart and the head. God cannot do for you what you are afraid of him doing because of some outdated “ideal” of what it means to be masculine or feminine.

Help us to stop running away from the emotions that are within us. Bring us into a personal relationship with you.

QUOTE by Max Lucado, No Wonder They Call Him the Savior, page 108:
To put a lock and key on your emotions is to bury part of your Christ-likeness! Especially when you come to Calvary. You can’t go to the cross with just your head and not your heart. It doesn’t work that way. Calvary is not a mental trip…. It’s a heart-splitting hour of emotion…. Look again. Those are nails in those hands. That’s God on that cross. It’s us who put him there.

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