Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Overcomers are we all because God is trustworthy - John 16:33 with a story of little Zac Hansel and an observation.

SCRIPTURE: John 16:33 (TM)
I've told you all this so that trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace. In this godless world you will continue to experience difficulties. But take heart! I've conquered the world.

STORY as shared by Tim Hansel:
One day, while my son Zac and I were out in the country, climbing around in some cliffs, I heard a voice from above me yell, "Hey Dad! Catch me!" I turned around to see Zac joyfully jumping off a rock straight at me. He had jumped and them yelled "Hey Dad!" I became an instant circus act, catching him. We both fell to the ground. For a moment after I caught him I could hardly talk. 
When I found my voice again I gasped in exasperation: "Zac! Can you give me one good reason why you did that???"
He responded with remarkable calmness: "Sure...because you're my Dad." His whole assurance was based in the fact that his father was trustworthy.
Trust allows us all to become overcomers. We can overcome our fears. We can overcome our hesitations. We can overcome our low self-esteem. We can overcome our anger. We can overcome our lack of confidence. Since Jesus overcame the world, we too can become overcomers … if we trust him!

Trusting Jesus is like little Zax in the story above. Zac trusted his father because he had discovered that his father was trustworthy. Zax could live his life full tilt, no holds bar, full speed ahead because he had found that he was safe in the arms of his father. Children really do not need a good reason to do what they do … they just do it … especially when trust is involved. If a child feels safe then they can conqueror the world.

Therein lies the lesson for us Christians. God, our father, has proven himself to be trustworthy. Need proof? Just look around our life and the facts speak for themselves. Oh, yes, trouble does find our doorstep. Illness and the pain of death does come and visit us. But when all is said and done our life is much better than we could ever imagine. God is trustworthy. Need more proof? Just look to the cross of Jesus, the empty tomb of Easter, and the giving of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.

God is trustworthy so therefore, we can live our life with complete abandonment, all out, full throttle … and Christ is right there beside us to “catch” us when we jump!

God it is a good thing to be able to trust you with our life. That feeling cannot be compared with anything that the world can offer us. So here we go … we are jumping forward into life! Amen.

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