Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holy Boldness and a Fearless confidence - Acts 4:31 with a story, an observation and a prayer

SCRIPTURE: Acts 4:31 (TM)
While they were praying, the place where they were meeting trembled and shook. They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and continued to speak God's Word with fearless confidence.

STORY as told by M. Cocoris:
Hugh Lattimer once preached before King Henry VIII. Henry was greatly displeased by the boldness in the sermon and ordered Lattimer to preach again on the following Sunday and apologize for the offence he had given. The next Sunday, after reading his text, he thus began his sermon: "Hugh Lattimer, dost thou know before whom thou are this day to speak? To the high and mighty monarch, the king's most excellent majesty, who can take away thy life, if thou offendest. Therefore, take heed that thou speakest not a word that may displease. But then consider well, Hugh, dost thou not know from whence thou comest--upon Whose message thou are sent? Even by the great and mighty God, Who is all-present and Who beholdeth all thy ways and Who is able to cast thy soul into hell! Therefore, take care that thou deliverest thy message faithfully." He then preached the same sermon he had preached the preceding Sunday--and with considerably more energy.

On outward appearances alone it would seem that the 21st Century Christian church in America is in the grips of a timid spirit. In the spirit of being “politically correct” and “sensitive to the feelings of others” we remain silent.

I would admit that it is hard to know when and where to speak a word of truth, but maybe we should take a lesson from our brothers and sisters in Africa. Here is an entire continent, country after country where the Holy Spirit is moving and they are speaking out with a holy boldness. The result is that Christianity is growing faster in Africa than in any other country.

Holy Boldness is a fearsome thing. When the Holy Spirit takes over, as the scripture states, we have a “fearless confidence.” Maybe that is why our voices fall silent and our witness is weak, we lack confidence in what we believe. My conclusion is that we should start to pray for a Holy Ghost revival.

Come Holy Spirit and breath new life in your people here in America. Give us the confidence of our convictions and a spirit of boldness to proclaim your truth in spirit and in deed. Amen.

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